How Do I Know If Something Is Really Vegan?


Category : Vegan Diet

Vegan DietOne of the biggest pitfalls of following the vegan diet is that it tends to encourage an “all or nothing” mentality. In general, as long as you are avoiding meat, milk, and eggs, in your vegan diet, you are following it correctly. If you happen to accidentally slip up while following the vegan recipes, do not be too hard on yourself. While you should be vigilant, mistakes are bound to happen. It is much more effective to become a persuasive animal advocate than it is to worry about personally avoiding every last trace of animal products. If you are concerned about accidentally consuming non vegan products, pay careful attention to the labels of the foods that you purchase. You can also make a concentrated effort to shop only at local’s farmer markets and health foods, where you can rest assured that the majority of available foods fall within the guidelines of the vegan diet.

  • Dennis Talasco

    I agree with the answer but let me put the question another way. How do we know if the labels are really true? Who if anyone tests products?