The Cost of Feeding a Family on the Vegan Diet

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Vegan DietThe good news is that feeding a family on the vegan diet is going to cost considerably less than that of a family who eats meat on a regular basis. Vegan diets can be a bit tricky to maintain, but there are going to be plenty of low cost meals to choose from. Be aware that if you do frequent vegan restaurants as a family, then these costs can add up quickly because the restaurants that you will be eating at will be specialty ones. However, if you choose to cook your own meals as home, you will watch your grocery bill growing smaller and smaller each month.

The Basic Staples of the Vegan Diet

Because a number of traditional foods contain eggs or other dairy products, if you want to successfully follow the vegan diet, you are going to need to cook many things from scratch. Basic staples of the vegan diet that you will need to keep in your pantry include beans, legumes, whole grains, tofu, and plenty of fruits and vegetables. There are a number of foods, sold in the ethnic sections of grocery stores, that are inexpensive and vegan friendly, like curry sauce or flavored rice.

Replacement Items

If you plan to replace meat products with vegan meat substitutes, then you can expect the cost of your grocery bill to go up somewhat. Vegan options for burgers, sausage, cheese, and other items tend to be slightly more expensive than the meat versions they are replacing. Similarly, if you purchase a lot of processed foods for your vegan diet, which, ideally, should be avoided, these items will also be more expensive because they are generally sold only in size packaging. There is a serious lack of family sizes in vegan meat products, which are generally less cost per serving when calculated.

Your Monetary Savings

The best method of saving money while following the vegan diet is to avoid as many meat replacement products as you can. For example, a single box of 6 veggie burgers will, on average, cost well over $6.50. While many vegans attempt to keep their diets as healthy as possible by purchasing organic produce, organic produce is quite expensive. As an alternative, consider purchasing regular fruit and vegetables, or, you might want to purchase fruits and vegetables that are part of the “dirty dozen”. These are the fruits and vegetables that tend to contain the most dirt and debris, but the debris can easily be washed off with a little effort.