The Vegan Diet & Cooking Oil

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Vegan DietThink about how much would be missing from our vegan diet without the presence of cooking oil. Sautéed vegetables, marinades, even fried mozzarella sticks would be gone. Granted, that last one isn’t the most heart friendly treat, but for an occasional indulgence, it works just fine. When it comes to the vegan diet, the number of cooking oils that you have to choose from is plentiful, but choosing the right one can be difficult. Not all cooking oils are created equally. Here are 5 of my favorite, healthy vegan diet friendly cooking oils:

  •  Avocado Oil – This oil is created from pressed avocados. It has a slightly nutty taste and a smooth texture. It is also one of the healthiest options that you can pick, because half of its composition is comprised of healthy monounsaturated fats. It’s not the best oil for frying things in, but it works superbly on salads.
  •  Canola Oil – Created from rapeseeds, which are a part of the cabbage and Brussels sprout family, canola oil works rather well for baking or light cooking. Medical studies have shown that, in moderate amounts, it is actually good for your cardiovascular health, because it has a low content of saturated fats, but a high content of healthy Omega 3 fatty acids.
  •  Olive Oil – This has to be one of the world’s most well known cooking oils, and it can be used in the vegan diet many different ways. Olive oil is perfectly suited for sautéing, but I also like to use it as a dip for my bread and as a salad dressing. Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fats that have been shown to lower unhealthy forms of cholesterol in the body. Because olive oil has a lower burning temperature, it shouldn’t be used to fry foods.
  •  Safflower Oil – Safflower oil is an excellent oil to use in baking. It is both colorless and flavorless. It is commonly used to make margarine, and it fares well when subjected to high heat, so this is an ideal oil for frying foods in. In terms of nutrition, safflower oil offers high levels of Vitamin E, and some medical studies suggest that it can be beneficial for those who suffer from coronary disease.
  •  Sesame Seed Oil – Finally, we come to sesame seed oil. Like safflower oil, this oil also stands up well to high heats, and it is commonly used in stir fries. Sesame seeds are also loaded full of antioxidants. I like to use sesame seed oils in Asian inspired dishes, dips, and sauces.