Vegan Recipes : Chestnut Loaf

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Vegan RecipesIF there were ever vegan recipes that deserve repeating, it is this one! With the holidays right around the corner, this chestnut loaf will make the perfect dish for many occasions. It has been a big hit with my vegan and non vegan friends alike, and I’m pretty sure yours will love it just as much as I do. The chestnuts, walnuts, and herbs give it a sweet, savory, and nutty flavor that is absolutely out of this world.

To make these vegan recipes, here are the ingredients you’ll need to have:

For the Loaf

  •  2 c whole, roasted, peeled chestnuts
  •  1/4 c chestnut flour
  •  2 c unleavened sprouted wheat/spelt bread cubes
  •  1 c walnuts, toasted
  •  1 c celery diced
  •  1 c onion diced
  •  1 c parsnips diced
  •  2 T tamari/soy sauce
  •  3 T ground chia or flax mixed with the broth
  •  1/3 c vegetable broth
  •  2 T fresh sage chopped
  •  2 T fresh thyme
  •  2 T fresh parsley chopped
  •  1/4 c nutritional yeast (optional)
  •  1 t garlic granules (or fresh garlic)

For the Glaze

  •  2 T mustard (1 dijon, 1 whole grain)
  •  2 T apricot jelly or maple syrup

You’ll need to begin preparing these vegan recipes the night before you plan on serving them. Start by cubing the bread and leaf it out so it can dry overnight.

The next day, the bread cubes should be put in your food processor and blended until they are crumbled. Place the crumbles in a bowl. The process should be repeated for the chestnuts and walnuts. Try to leave some of the walnuts in slightly larger chunks, so they will give the bread a bit more texture. All of the processed ingredients should be put in the same bowl.

For your next step, go ahead and process the onions, celery, garlic, herbs and parsnips until they are finely chopped. Put this mixture in a saucepan and cook it on low heat for about 10 minutes. You might want to add a small amount of water to keep the mixture from sticking to the pan. Once done, add the veggies to the bowl along with the flax mixture and the remaining ingredients.

The next step in preparing these vegan recipes will be to mix everything together. It should be a moist dough that holds together well, if not, add some more broth. You don’t want it to be too wet though as it won’t dry out that much in the oven. Press the whole mixture into a loaf pan that has been lined with parchment paper. Go ahead and top it with the glaze. Let it cook in your oven for about 45 minutes at 350 degrees.

Once you take it out of the oven, let the bread cool for about 15 minutes before you remove it from the pan. Slice it, serve it warm, and sit back and enjoy these vegan recipes!